Let us protect your ideas now !


Entrepreneur, you wish to create your Company or to implement a project in the next weeks. You have already approach partners or are only at the stage of the elaboration of your business plan, and matters within the Intellectual Property concern you…


  • How to protect my idea?
  • How to match protection of ideas and budget?
  • Should I prefer a patent, a trademark, a design…?
  • What information to believe on the Web?

  • What advantages and inconveniences are bound to the various systems of patents?
  • Which one choose as my project?
  • Once my mark registered, am I definitively protected?…


Intellectual Property allows you to protect your ideas and to develop them at best :

  • To protect your idea: 

On your projects, you get all the benefits of exclusive rights issued from your patent and/or your mark and/or your design. That is you will be alone to be able to use them;

  • To exploit your idea:

You can choose to develop your idea on your own or in collaboration with partners and every person interested in your patent, your mark, your design will have to negotiate with you operating contracts in respect of these rights;

  • Defend your idea : 

To value your patent, mark, design, do not allow third parties, unauthorized by you, to copy you. To be valued at best, your Intellectual Property rights must be defended !

IP Avenue welcomes you for a first meeting to raise the issues of Intellectual Property about your project;

IP Avenue contributes through its expertise and professional skills to:

  • ascertain that your idea does not infringe other persons’ rights before proceeding to the steps before the Offices of Intellectual Property
  • take over the steps before the Offices of Intellectual Property and to answer their questions
  • take over the surveillance of your rights once your obtained registrations
  • allow you to peacefully exploit your rights and to value them at best by establishing a surveillance of these rights and by accompanying you in the writing of contracts concerning them.

The Intellectual Property allows you to benefit from exclusive rights on your project only if you made sure beforehand not to infringe rights of the third parties. Failing that, third parties can challenge your rights, even if the corresponding registrations have been obtained!