Let us optimize and value your portfolio of intellectual property rights!


Corporate Executive, project managers, you realized the importance of the Intellectual Property for your projects. You are already owner of patents, marks, designs…These registrations acquired, you would like to ensure that you have chosen the best protection to optimize your protection and to value your rights at best. Some questions persist on the subject.


  • How to value my portfolio?
  • Is the protection which I chose optimal
  • What points are studied during an audit before a project of transfer?
  • What is a strategy of management of portfolio?
  • Are registrations enough to be protected?

  • May I be sure that the new registrations of third parties will not infringe my rights?
  • Once my registrations obtained, are there still risks towards rights held by older rights?
  • Is it enough to examine the registered marks identical to mine to avoid every risk of conflict?



The strategy of your Intellectual Property rights portfolio allows you to value your rights and projects:

  • To value your portfolio:

    About your commercial objectives the strategy of your Intellectual Property rights portfolio allows you to define your priorities regarding protection and defense of your rights and to optimize your protection thanks to a global and harmonious management.

  • To protect and defend your portfolio:

Managed as a whole, the registrations are requested according to your priorities, your current and future projects in Switzerland and/or abroad, and your exclusive rights are defended.

  • To maximize your portfolio:

The contracts negotiated with third parties must protect your rights, take into account the specificity of the concerned intellectual property right and correspond to your objectives!

IP Avenue meets you for an initial meeting to discuss your intellectual property rights and the ways to improve them and to obtain the best.


IP Avenue contributes through its expertise and professional skills for:

  • Suggesting you a portfolio strategy adapted to your objectives, in the respect of your budget, this to value at best your portfolio,
  • Loading us of your Intellectual Property rights portfolio with long or medium term,
  • Taking care of the registration of your rights: searches for previous rights, supervision of your rights, once registered.
  • Supporting your teams during the implementation of particular projects,
  • Negotiating with you all the contracts relative to these rights to assure you that your interests are protected and defended.

To value at best your intellectual property rights, manage your portfolio of patents, marks, designs…as a whole, and to pursue the supervision of your rights, once registered.