The © covers the notion of Copyright and is used in connection with copyright protection. The ® used for “Registered” is used in connection with Brands.

In Switzerland, and unlike other countries, there are no legal provisions requiring the use / non-use of the © symbol.

However, as a deterrent and/or for the respect of your rights abroad, it is recommended to use this © on your creations as follows:

Name of the owner – Year of 1st publication, all rights reserved

While the use of the ® symbol is mandatory in other countries, its use is only optional in Switzerland. If you decide to use this symbol in Switzerland, it is imperative to ensure that the trademark concerned is registered (and not simply filed). If the trademark is to be protected in several countries, and to avoid any confusion in the communication media, wait until your trademark is registered in all the territories concerned before applying the ®.

Again, and as a deterrent to third parties, it is recommended to use this logo as indicated below: